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At VentureBuddy, we believe that the success of your business is our success. That's why we work closely with you, to help you succeed.


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Our vision is to democratize - raise, invest and provide value to the startup ecosystem of India.


Building world-class crowdfunding and valuation platform, with enabling access to everyone to be part of India's startup story.

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How can Venturebuddy help my startup?

From raising funds to valuing your business to expanding it fourfold, we got all covered. To check all the services provided by us, click here.

How does the Venturebuddy valuation tool work?

Required data is acquired from the user to get the valuation of the Startup. A complete tutorial of the same is available here.

Is there a sample report or a free trial available?

The sample report is available here. We provide a free trial of the 1-page report for an unlimited period. Sign in today.

What is the authenticity of the tool?

Based on the data provided by you, we use globally accepted scientific methods and various metrics to carry out the valuation.

How does Venturebuddy protect my data?

It’s definitely safe. With the encryption of data no theft, or misuse takes place is ensured. Keeping the trust of our customers is our utmost priority.

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